PE, Sport & Physical Activity

The Subject Leader for PE is Mrs. E. Edwards

PE Statement of Intent

At South Hiendley Primary School,Β  we intend that our provision for Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity starts with a base grounded in the Early Years Framework and National Curriculum. Whilst using this as a basis for knowledge and skills, it is our intention that our school curriculum exceeds this. Our provision is enhanced through effective use of the P.E and Sports Premium funding focussed on the five key indicators. It aims to provide a greater range of opportunities for children in order to allow them to become physically literate and excel in their physical development. Through our P.E progression grid and long term planning, we aim to develop children into individuals that are competent and confident in a wide range of co-operative and competitive activities. Teaching and Learning builds on the progression made across all year groups from EYFS to Year 6 and aims to develop children who can communicate using high level vocabulary associated with Physical Education. The teaching and learning is delivered through the GetSet4PE scheme of learning, however this is enhanced further through expertise from our Sports Coach. Subsequently, it is our aim that when children leave our school they will leave with a lifelong love of being active, an understanding of how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally as well as having a core basis of skills in Physical Education.


We implement our P.E curriculum through a variety of strategies. We offer high quality modelling, opportunities for children to both ask and answer questions, provide scaffolds in our teaching and allow for independent practice time within lessons.Β  Our core P.E lessons offer two hours of high quality P.E taught by highly qualified teachers in school and is supplemented with specialists throughout the year. Within these lessons, our teachers model appropriate Tier 3 vocabulary and this is present on our display within our P.E environment. We unlock previous learning through reviews and recaps which unlock previously taught knowledge and skills. Our core lessons are taught in an active and engaging way through active starters. This encourages children to take risks and increase their resilience and perseverance when learning through this approach. We have high quality extra-curricular learning both before school and after school. Children have the opportunity to join many clubs in order to learn new skills and develop a wide range of transferable lifetime skills. We have developed strong links to outside agencies and clubs that helps to generate positive interaction in the community and offers children a pathway into being active outside of school. To complement this, we provide many opportunities for children to represent school at inter-school level.


The impact of our Physical Activity, Physical Education and School Sport curriculum will be measured in the children’s levels of health and well-being. Through our pupil voice, we will demonstrate children who have developed physically and are able to discuss Physical Education using appropriate vocabulary. We will see children who are active for longer parts of their day and then want to continue this into later life. Our outcomes will see children taking greater responsibility for their learning in P.E and achieving, more children joining extra-curricular clubs and a higher proportion of children will represent our school in Inter-school competitions across Wakefield and the Five Towns.