Modern Foreign Languages

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The Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages is Mrs C Cassell

MFL Statement of Intent

Our intention, when teaching Spanish, reflects the National Curriculum’s aims and beliefs. We intend to give a language education that will foster our pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.

Our MFL curriculum is based on an enhances model of the National Curriculum. The subject leader has created progression documents from Year 1 to Year 6. These progression documents have been planned in order to build on the knowledge, skills and vocabulary needed to meet the end of Key Stage 2 requirements from the National Curriculum. It is progressive and allows for ambitious end goals. A long term plan has been put together to ensure that the curriculum is broad and balanced. It provides children with plenty of opportunities to build upon prior knowledge, allowing children to know more and remember more. Teachers have been provided with an outline of lessons and are encouraged to use their professional judgement when planning lessons for their own classes.


Spanish is taught through a clear and comprehensive scheme that works in line with the National Curriculum. Although MFL is not statutory at KS1, children are informally taught Spanish across years 1 and 2. They are exposed to the language and given opportunities to begin speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish. Our scheme has been tailored to to fit our school. It is organised into different ‘themes’ for each year and each one allows plenty of opportunities for children to build upon their prior knowledge.

Children are assessed through teacher assessment judgements. This assessment is based on evidence in children’s books and through the use of Seesaw.


Children will know more, remember more and understand more Spanish vocabulary. They will demonstrate a love of learning languages and will become more and more confident in communicating in Spanish. Work in books show that that pupils are developing language, knowledge and skills in Spanish and their oral conversations are shown through Seesaw.


MFL Progression Grid

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