South Hiendley Primary School is committed to safeguarding and ensuring that all pupils are safe from harm. All the staff and volunteers in our school have undergone DBS checks and receive regular training to ensure they can promote children’s safety.

South Hiendley Primary School Safeguarding Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr S Walker
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs H Reed; Mrs A Webber
Learning Mentor: Miss H Barraclough
Safeguarding Governor: Mrs C Foy
Health & Safety Governor:

All members of staff receive regular Safeguarding and Child Protection training.

Everyone in our school community takes an active role in safeguarding children’s well being and ensuring they remain safe both inside and outside school. We have clear procedures and policies in place to cover all aspects of safeguarding, including online safety. All pupils are taught age appropriate online safety modules each year. We thread safeguarding education throughout our yearly planner. Each week, we have a portion of our assembly dedicated to “staying safe”. Staff are trained in all aspects of safeguarding in annual face to face training. They update themselves regularly through our “take five” programme, focussing on all the key areas for Keeping Children Safe in Education, and Working Together to Safeguard Children.

All staff follow the Staff Code of Conduct Policy Sept 2019.

All staff are clear on the Whistleblowing Code of Practice Sept 2019

You can read our safeguarding policies by following the links at the bottom of this page.

Please contact a member of the Safeguarding Team on 01226 711485 if you have any concerns about a pupil at South Hiendley Primay School.

If you have concerns about a pupil’s welfare outside of school hours or during the school holidays you are advised to contact Social Services or the Police.

Children: If something is worrying you it is important to talk to someone you trust.

In the Wakefield District if you’re worried about your safety or the safety of a friend or family member, you can call Social Care Direct on 0345 8 503 503 where specially trained staff will listen to you and provide support, or you can talk to an adult you trust, for example:
• A Youth Worker
• A Doctor
• A Social Worker
• A Teacher
• A School Nurse
• A Police Officer


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