Local Governance Board

Hello and welcome to the Governance area of our website.

We have a small but highly committed team of governors which includes parents, teachers and representatives from the local community. Together, we work in partnership with the headteacher, staff and the Inspire Partnership Multi-Academy Trust to ensure that the children who attend the Academy maximise their true potential.

If you need to contact the Chair of Governors, you can do so by email. The email address is SH-Enquiries@ipmat.co.uk

Whilst the School’s Senior Leadership Team are responsible for the day to day running of the school, the Local Governing Board is involved in the strategic direction of the school. The Local Governing Board plays an important role in ensuring that the school is accountable for its actions. The Governors meet each term for a formal meeting and also spend half days in school together, in order to monitor developments and keep up to date with the progress made towards school priorities.

Currently our Governing Board comprises of;

Co-opted Governors
Mrs D Taylor - Chair Of Governors07.11.2307.11.27
Mrs J. Wray -Vice Chair30.9.2330.9.27
Mrs H Reed07.11.2307.11.27
Mrs A. Camm20.11.2320.22.27
Parent Governors
Mrs Z. Beattie9.
Mr J.Cunningham22.01.2422.01.28
Staff and Associate Governors
Mrs S. Henshall
Mrs C. Cassell
Mrs A. Webber (Associate)
Mrs S. Stott