Vision & Values

Our vision is to ensure our children reach and fulfil their potential, and have the skills to enable them to become life-long learners.
This is embedded throughout school life in our school motto:
‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’.

To accompany and support this motto, we have adopted 4 key values which we refer to as the 4 Ps. These are:


In addition to our values, our School Rights are ‘to be Ready, to be Respectful, and to be Safe.’

Interwoven throughout our curriculum and ethos, are embedded values that allow children to develop an understanding of themselves and appreciate the impact they have on other people and on the world in which they live.
Each week, we focus one of our key values and share these values in our assemblies, in our classrooms and around the school. Where children are seen demonstrating these values, they are rewarded with Class Dojos which encourages them to share and celebrate. It is expected that all members of the school community will be polite towards each other, that we demonstrate persistence in the face of challenge, that we exemplify pride in our achievements every day, and that we will show positivity towards others to maintain friendships which strengthen and unite the community.