Welcome to South Hiendley

A Village School at the Heart of the Community.

South Hiendley Primary School is a village school, catering for children in the 3-11 years’ age range and we are part of the Inspire Partnership Multi-Academy Trust (IPMAT). Most of our pupils live in South Hiendley but we also welcome children from the surrounding areas. The school grounds consist of separate Early Years Foundation Stage outdoor provision, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playgrounds, an extensive playing field and a large outdoor nature area. The large school field hosts a tyre park and a trim trail.

We pride ourselves on providing an exciting and enriched curriculum for our pupils, including visits and visitors to extend their experiences and enable them to know more, understand more and remember more. We welcome our families to join us weekly to celebrate our learning and our successes, both in school and out of school. There are also a number of events throughout the year for parents and carers to experience learning in action.

Interwoven throughout our curriculum and ethos, are embedded values that allow children to develop an understanding of themselves and appreciate the impact they have on other people and on the world in which they live. Ultimately, we endeavour to support children’s development of resilience which will enable them to overcome life’s challenges. Each term we focus on a key value and share these values in our assemblies, in our classrooms and around the school. Where children are seen demonstrating these values, they are given a sticker which encourages them to share and celebrate. It is expected that all members of the school community will show tolerance, respect and understanding for each other, that we demonstrate determination and perseverance in the face of challenge, that we exemplify responsibility and honesty every day, and that we will show co-operation and trust in others to maintain friendships which strengthen and unite the community.

Mr Steven Walker – Headteacher

What Others Say About Our School

“Pupils‚Äô behaviour is good; they are safe and cared for well. Their parents agree. They show positive attitudes to learning that mean that no time is wasted in lessons.”¬†Ofsted Inspector.

“The school makes my child feel comfortable and safe. The school has great teachers! The school has a very safe, calm environment for my child.” Parent

“The school has been very welcoming to my 2 children who have recently joined this school. We like the variety of activities, assemblies, etc, offered to the children. There seems to be a good school spirit where children want to learn new things.” Parent

“I learn a lot in lessons because my teacher always explains things we don‚Äôt understand. I think this school is the best school I have been to. I enjoy school. Everybody is kind here.”¬†Pupil

“I love learning and I like my friends. I like my teachers and my school. I like this school because the teachers help us to learn.”¬†Pupil