School Council

School Council 2020-2021

The pupils in our school are divided into 4 different houses: McGonagall, Snape, Lupin and Dumbledore.

South Hiendley Primary School has an active School Council who meets each half-term to discuss issues raised through House Meetings. We believe in developing pupil voice and value highly the contributions that they make to our school. The School Council is made up of four House Captains from Year 6, four Vice Captains also from Year 6 and a representative from each of the other classes and is supported by Mrs H Reed and Miss H Barraclough. Elections for School Council Representatives take place in September each year. Interested candidates, for House and Vice Captains, write a manifesto outlining their intentions and why they should be elected. These are then presented in an assembly to the rest of the school. Voting then takes place, with each child in school being provided with a voting slip. The results are then counted and the successful candidates are announced in the following achievement assembly. Elections of Class Representatives happen in a similar way. However, voting remains within the class. Through this, the children of South Hiendley have a better understanding of the democratic process and are given a voice.

The School Council aims to raise money through a range of activities which is then used to purchase equipment and enhancements across school, and to support various charities.