Essential Information

Class “bubble”Start timeFinish timeWhich door do they use?
Year 69.05 am3.25 pmYear 6 cloakroom entrance
Year 59.05 am3.25 pmYear 5 fire door (opposite the pond area)
Year 48.55 am3.15 pmYear 4 cloakroom entrance
Year 38.55 am3.15 pmThrough the front entrance
Year 28.45 am3.05 pmThrough the front entrance
Year 18.45 am3.05 pmYear 1 cloakroom entrance
Reception & Nursery (all day)8.45 am3.05 pmEY entrance
Nursery (morning only)8.45am11.45amEY entrance


The links below for essential information to help prepare for the return to school.

Flowchart – If Your Child Displays Symptoms

When you ring up to let us know that your child has a cough, we will ask you:  “has your child been coughing for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours”. 
This is the definition of a new, continuous cough as defined by

COVID Risk Assessment

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